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Holly Kortright – SVP of People at Ellucian

Holly Kortright is the Senior Vice President of People at Ellucian. She has more than 25 years of experience in both Fortune 500 and mid-size organizations, working at companies like Deltek, Capital One, ExxonMobil and consulting firms Hay Group and Andersen Consulting with emphasis on organizational development, leadership and talent development, change management, consulting, and business…

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Millennials Heading to the C-Suite: Don’t Panic

There’s a little debate about when the millennial generation started. Some claim that it began as early as 1978, while others say that it originated in 1985. Let’s just say that somewhere in between those years, an entirely different generation was born. And it’s about to take over your C-suite, whether you’re ready for it…

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Interview with Gary Snyder, Chief People Officer, Compass Group North America

By Kim Shanahan (President/CEO of accelHRate) HRO Magazine January 5, 2015 Let’s assume for a moment that the effectiveness of your HR function was the secret to making or breaking your company. Would you change your HR leadership? Invest more money in the function? Hold the function to a higher standard? Applaud and have confidence…

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How does your HR function compare?

The divide between weak, mediocre and strong HR functions is wide Weak HR functions can be inhibitors, or “blockers,” to the business and can have a lasting negative effect on culture, talent and a company’s overall effectiveness. The opposite is true for strong HR functions—which can proactively drive all aspects of human capital across the…

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