Large Business


accelHRate Large Business brings the power of well-developed strategic HR solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Large businesses face intense competition from a variety of known and unknown threats. Your organization has grown in size but also in complexity. Your leaders must have solid influencing skills and be adept at working through others to get things done.  You must be able to institutionalize many of your core capabilities so that the impact is realized throughout the entire organization. Even the most sophisticated HR leaders are challenged to prioritize efforts and resources given the intense and numerous demands from the business. In addition, your CHRO has to rely more heavily on their teams sometimes deep into the organization.

Key questions you may be facing:

HR Function

  • Do you have the right Head of HR for today and for tomorrow? Do you have the right HR team below your CHRO?
  • Where do you invest your HR team’s time and effort given the number of demands on the HR function?
  • How do you build and leverage a respected HR function that will drive complex efforts that are critical to your business objectives?
  • Should you look to RPO or other solutions to supplement the talent acquisition effort?
  • How do your HR capabilities stack up with other companies facing similar challenges?

Organizational Structure/Effectiveness/Culture

  • Is your organizational structure effective for your strategy?
  • How do you ensure that you have the right culture to drive operational excellence, innovation and growth in your business?
  • Do you have the proper reward vehicles in place to motivate the desired behaviors? Do you have an attractive health and wellness strategy? Is your executive compensation structure in line with regulatory requirements?
  • Are you keeping up with current and upcoming regulatory concerns? Do you have proper policies and procedures to best manage risk?
  • How do you ensure that your mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are on target and integrated properly from a people and infrastructure perspective?

Talent Capabilities/Processes

  • How do you institutionalize more structured processes (i.e., employee communications, development, recruiting, etc.) to effectively reach your dispersed workforce and ensure that the company remains connected, capable, agile, and aligned?
  • How do you attract and develop top talent who can build key relationships, gain the consensus required for decision-making, and drive results across a large enterprise?
  • Do you have a robust workforce planning strategy that takes into account your potential growth areas?
  • Are you developing your people to ensure you have the right talent for the future?
  • Do you have a effective diversity and inclusion strategy?
  • Do you know who your high potentials are? Are they in your most impactful roles?
  • Do you have the bench strength required to ensure strong succession possibilities?
  • Do you have the right CHRO for your firm?
  • Do you have strong CHRO leaders to partner with your CEOs across your portfolio companies?

accelHRate is a well-known and trusted retainer-based executive search firm that places CHROs and their direct reports across all industries and geographies. Started by the former Head of Korn/Ferry’s HR Practice, Kim Shanahan, we partner with companies across the US to identify and attract the HR elite.