Mid-size Business


accelHRate Mid-size Business brings the power of well-developed strategic HR solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Compared to small companies, you have more money to fund innovation, deal with unforeseen challenges, hire key talent, and build deeper bench strength. Compared to larger companies, you can be more agile, maintain closer contact with customers, have fewer layers between executives and the rest of your employees, and retain some entrepreneurial spirit. Your mid-size business requires an HR function that can handle new levels of complexity, including addressing short and long-term planning around talent management, organizational efficiency and executive development yet be effective at maintaining agility.

Key questions you may be facing:

HR Function

  • Do you have the right Head of HR for today and for tomorrow? Do you have the right HR team deep into your organization? Is the team structured properly?
  • How do your HR capabilities stack up with other companies facing similar challenges?
  • Which HR capabilities are most important for where you are as a company? Where do you invest?
  • Should you outsource part of your HR function?
  • How do you build a respected HR function that will drive efforts that are strategic to your business?

Organizational Structure/Effectiveness/Culture

  • Do you have the proper rewards vehicles in place to motivate the desired behaviors? What are the implications of your compensation structure as you scale? Should you consider introducing a wellness strategy?
  • Is your organization structure effective for your strategy?
  • How do you continue to grow without losing the culture and talent that fueled the company to its current success?
  • How do you introduce more structured employee communications to effectively reach your growing workforce and ensure that the company remains connected?
  • How do you ensure that potential mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures are on target and integrated properly from a people and infrastructure perspective?

Talent Capabilities/Processes

  • Do you need to build or revamp your talent acquisition function to handle your projected talent requirements?
  • How do you attract and develop top talent who will help to evolve your culture and company?
  • How do you develop your people to ensure you have the right talent for the future?
  • Do you have the right policies and processes that manage risk appropriately?
  • Do you have the bench strength required for succession?

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