Private Equity


accelHRate Private Equity brings the power of well-developed strategic HR solutions tailored to your specific needs.

The global private equity sector outlook is bullish but continues to face evolving challenges. There is a significant emphasis on operational value creation (both cost and revenue) across portfolio companies. As holding periods increase and top line growth becomes more important, there is a need for greater focus on acquiring and developing the right talent and building strong, results-oriented cultures. Exceptional executive leadership, streamlining and cost cutting are not enough; P/E companies and their portfolio companies need the bench strength, reward vehicles, value proposition, and culture that will close those critical talent gaps and empower employees to achieve results.

Within your private equity company, you may also be experiencing some talent challenges. Many P/E firms are just beginning to introduce development and career tracks for partners and non-partners to build capability deeper into their organizations.

Key questions you may be facing:

HR Function/Organizational Structure/Effectiveness

  • How do you build and leverage a respected HR function that will drive internal efforts and also add value to your portfolio companies?
  • To what extent should you centralize the executive recruiting process across portfolio companies?
  • Are your portfolio companies tracking and presenting the talent metrics that drive business value?

Talent Capabilities/Culture/Processes

  • Do your companies have the talent and capabilities to effectively enter new markets, regions, etc?
  • How do you assess and close the critical talent gaps in newly acquired companies?
  • How do you best influence the behaviors across your portfolio companies?