Small Business

accelHRate Small Business brings the power of well-developed strategic HR solutions tailored to your specific needs.

As a small business, you have a variety of unique challenges. The importance of investment and talent decisions are even more pronounced than in larger enterprises. You need to maintain focus yet be agile enough to enter into new markets, scale or pull back on parts of the business, react to changing market conditions or shift in other areas as needed. Your pace of growth is highly dependent on your ability to attract, retain and develop the right talent, at the right time and at the right price.

Key questions you may be facing:

HR Function:

  • Do you have the right Head of HR for today and for tomorrow? Do you have the right HR team?
  • How do you build a respected HR function that will drive your strategic business objectives?
  • Which HR capabilities are most important for where you are as a company? How should you spend your limited investment dollars?
  • How do your HR capabilities stack up with other companies facing similar challenges?
  • Should you outsource any or all of your HR function?

Organizational Structure/Effectiveness/Culture

  • Is your organizational structure effective for your strategy?
  • Do you have the proper rewards vehicles in place to motivate the desired behaviors? What are the implications of your compensation structure as you scale?
  • How do you maintain and/or evolve your culture as you scale?

Talent Capabilities/Processes

  • How do you develop your people to ensure you have the right talent for the future?
  • How do you fix or enhance your talent acquisition function?
  • How do you attract and develop top talent who will thrive in your dynamic environment?
  • Do you have the policies and processes that will ensure you avoid potential pitfalls or violations?

accelHRate is a well-known and trusted retainer-based executive search firm that places CHROs and their direct reports across all industries and geographies. Started by the former Head of Korn/Ferry’s HR Practice, Kim Shanahan, we partner with companies across the US to identify and attract the HR elite.