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Holly Kortright – SVP of People at Ellucian

Holly Kortright is the Senior Vice President of People at Ellucian. She has more than 25 years of experience in both Fortune 500 and mid-size organizations, working at companies like Deltek, Capital One, ExxonMobil and consulting firms Hay Group and Andersen Consulting with emphasis on organizational development, leadership and talent development, change management, consulting, and business…

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Laurinda Pang: Journey to CHRO/CAO

You didn’t start in human resources. Describe your journey to become a CHRO/CAO. Laurinda: My career didn’t follow a predetermined path. I started in telecom in the heyday of telecom, cold calling and slinging long distance in New York for Allnet Communications. After being promoted to a new role, I started taking on project-based work…

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