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number 1 - ProcessStakeholder Meetings, Define Objectives, Finalize Position Spec


  • Define responsibilities, including first year deliverables
  • Weigh desirable characteristics and experiences
  • Identify and address any discrepancies in target profile
  • Analyze cultural and company nuances
  • Provide a platform to describe the leadership team and company in a meaningful way that resonates with the market
  • Include stakeholders as part of the process

number 2 - ProcessCandidate Identification and Assessment


  • Engage accelHRate’s research function and robust candidate management system
  • Source extensively leveraging deep and trusted relationships
  • Use targeted search methodology (search and mapping approach)
  • Leverage geographic tracking tools
  • Conduct interviews leveraging our extensive knowledge about companies, leaders, HR functions, etc.
  • Conduct back channel referencing

number 3 - ProcessClient Interviews


  • Recommend interview process best practices tailored to each client
  • Provide candidate documents, including resumes, appraisals, matrices and comparisons
  • Provide client interview guides
  • Facilitate client feedback sessions
  • Communicate candidate feedback to client
  • Ensure exceptional candidate experience throughout process

number 4 - ProcessSelection and Referencing


  • Conduct back channel referencing throughout the process (prior to getting to finalist decision)
  • Review assessment tools where applicable (this can also be earlier in the process prior to client interviews)
  • Begin formal referencing
  • Conducting further back channel referencing to verify strengths and gaps
  • Assist with offer negotiations

number 5 - ProcessPOST SEARCH Follow up & Track Impact

Ongoing Processes



Candidate experience

Back channel referencing


Client update reports/calls

Executives Interviewed


Diverse Candidate Slates

Year Established